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Who benefits from Minded?

5 star rating

I want to start treatment

“It’s only been two weeks since my appointment with Minded, but my anxiety is already less of an issue. I can’t wait to see where I will be in a few months with further treatment.”

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Melina, 22

Santa Ana, CA

5 star rating

I want to switch from my current psychiatry provider

“During an extremely stressful time in my life, Minded was there to help get me on a more appropriate medication for my condition. Very grateful for Minded!”

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Tegan, 25

Bedford, TX

5 star rating

I want to resume my treatment

“Minded helped me take back my life and also saved me $200 per appointment with my previous provider.”

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Crystal, 34

Schaumburg, IL

We’ll help you find or refill the medication that works for you

Zoloft® (sertraline)
Lexapro® (escitalopram)
Vistaril® (hydroxyzine)
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We prescribe responsibly

Our expert psychiatry providers will work with you to find the right treatment plan. They can only consider treatment with controlled medication for individuals with proof of a prior prescription in their state Prescription Monitoring Program.

Minded does not prescribe controlled medications in every state where we operate.

Minded makes it easy to take care of your mental health

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In-person psychiatrist

No trip to a doctor or psychiatrist required

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Affordable without insurance

Billed monthly, cancel anytime

$95/first month

(then $45/month)


Video appointments available within days

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Medication prescribed & refilled monthly

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Monthly video appointments and medication adjustments

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Unlimited messaging with our registered nurses

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Get started

85% of Minded members feel better after 8 weeks

How it works.


Discuss your treatment plan

Complete an online assessment to see if Minded is right for you. Then, video chat with your psychiatry provider to determine if medication is appropriate.


Check in with your provider every month

During your monthly video appointment, your personal provider will track your progress and refill or adjust your medication as needed.


Chat with our nursing team anytime

Our registered nurses are available to answer any questions you have about your medication or treatment in between your appointments.

$95 for your first month, and only $45/month after

  • Initial video consultation

  • Comprehensive evaluation

  • Personalized medication plan

  • Regular follow-up appointments

  • Medication adjustments as needed

  • Easy, ongoing prescription refills

  • Unlimited messaging with nurses

  • Cancel anytime