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Controlled Medication Contract

The following information was conveyed to you as part of your clinical care telehealth session and you acknowledged the same.

  • Minded evaluates patients for treatment with a controlled medication only for individuals with proof of prior controlled medication in their state Prescription Monitoring Program
  • Minded only prescribes certain controlled medications for certain conditions, not every condition for which the medication may be indicated for
  • A virtual visit with the Minded Care Team is required every time I need to renew a controlled substance
  • I must keep and be on time for all scheduled visits with the Minded Care Team
  • I am responsible for scheduling my visits in a timely manner, before my supply of medication runs out. If I experience difficulty scheduling a visit, I can reach out to
  • I will respect the hours of operation of Minded and understand that medication will not be prescribed outside of Minded days and hours of operation
  • If my medication is lost or stolen I may be asked to file a police report and share the following details of the police report with the Minded Care Team before scheduling a virtual visit to see if the lost or stolen medication can be re-prescribed: reference number, police officers name and badge number, date the report was filed, precinct location
  • If I report more than one instance of lost, stolen, or damaged medication within a one year period I may be discharged from Minded.
  • I will report any medical conditions, medications I take, substance use or prescription medication misuse to my Minded provider. I understand that it may not be appropriate to continue controlled medications with other substances
  • I will take this medication as prescribed and not make any medication adjustments unless advised by a healthcare provider
  • I will keep this and all medication in a safe and secure location, out of the reach of children
  • I will not share or lend this medication to others
  • I will treat the Minded Care Team and Support Team members with respect at all times. Failure to do so may result in cessation of treatment with Minded
  • I understand that the availability of the Minded service and Minded Care Team may be terminated or unavailable in certain states given legal and regulatory requirements and related compliance. In such an event, Minded will assist me in identifying a more appropriate healthcare provider
  • I understand that I may be discharged from care with Minded if I violate or breach any part of this agreement or if the Minded Care Team believes it is my best interest to refer me to a more appropriate healthcare provider