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10 mental health podcasts to listen to in honor of World Mental Health Day


Ashley Abramson

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October 10, 2021

Nearly 1 in 5 Americans lives with a mental health condition, but as common as disorders like anxiety and depression are, struggling with mental health can feel overwhelming and isolating. One of the best ways to normalize mental conditions is to learn about them—and these days, that can be as easy as popping in a pair of earbuds. 

What better time to invest in your emotional well-being than World Mental Health Day? Whether you want to learn more about mental health or gain practical tools to improve yours, look no further than these 10 podcasts. 

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The Positive Psychology Podcast 

There’s enough negativity in the world. Rather than dwelling on the hard parts, positive psychology focuses on empowering people to live with joy and purpose. The Positive Psychology Podcast embraces that idea, educating listeners in how to find wellbeing and happiness in their everyday lives. With her roster of expert guests, psychology professor Kristen Truempy explores the science behind finding everything from post-traumatic growth and positive parenting to sex and relationships. 

Tell Me What You’re Proud Of

Want a real therapist’s insights on how to better support your mental health? In her popular weekly podcast, psychologist Maggie Perry records real sessions with anonymous patients, so you can learn science-backed tips for managing anxiety, depression, stress, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.  

Therapy for Black Girls 

Therapy for Black Girls is a platform for Black women to find mental health support. The accompanying podcast, hosted by clinical psychologist and Therapy for Black Girls founder Joy Harden Bradford, empowers WOC listeners with tips and resources to improve their mental health and overall wellbeing. Topics include self-care, relationships, parenting, trauma, anxiety, and everything in between. 

Not Another Anxiety Show

Everybody struggles with anxiety from time to time. If you need some extra help reining in your worrisome thoughts, check out Not Another Anxiety Show, hosted by registered nurse Kelli Walker. In each episode, Walker chats with guests about signs and causes of anxiety and how to cope with it, whether you have a diagnosed anxiety disorder or you need support or simply need practical tools for calming your everyday worries.


The OCD Stories

Mental illness can feel isolating. In this podcast focused on obsessive-compulsive disorder, host Stuart Ralph chats with experts on the condition to help people manage their own symptoms. With the goal of destigmatizing the disorder and helping listeners feel alone in their own journeys, Ralph also interviews patients about their struggles with OCD. 

Cleaning Up the Mental Mess

Cognitive neuroscientist and author Caroline Leaf wants to help her listeners live their best lives by helping them understand the science behind mental health and emotions. From lessons on trauma and attachment styles in relationships to protecting your wellbeing in the fight against social injustice, you’ll gain powerful insights about how to clean up the mental mess that’s causing you stress. 

The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Sometimes, you just have to laugh about your struggles—and comedian Paul Gilmartin is here to help you do just that. In his weekly podcast, he interviews real people about their  journeys with mental illness and addiction, and each story is infused with authenticity and humor. The show’s goal is to help anyone who’s interested in or affected by depression, addiction, or other mental illness feel less alone (and if they need it, to find help). 

Meditation Minis

Meditation is a great way to zap stress and anxiety, but starting a practice can feel like an investment. Meditation Minis, a podcast hosted by hypnotherapist Chel Hamilton, provides a quick and convenient way to learn about and practice meditation. Each 5- to 12-minute episode includes a guided meditation to help listeners relax and overcome negative thinking.

The Panic Pod

Whether you have panic attacks yourself or you want to learn about them, tune into the Panic Pod, hosted by author and therapist Joshua Fletcher. Episodes focus on helping listeners better understand social anxiety, stress-related anxiety, and panic attacks, while providing evidence-backed ways to cope with them. Along with his own clinical expertise, Fletcher shares from his own experience with anxiety.


Mental health conditions certainly aren’t rare, but society has a way of making those of us who suffer from them feel isolated and misunderstood. In his podcast, British mental health advocate Bobby Temps sets out to destigmatize depression and anxiety in interviews with guests who’ve experienced them. While the goal is to normalize mental health struggles, the podcast also includes experts who share advice about how to cope. 

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Ashley Abramson is a freelance writer focused on health and psychology. She lives with her husband and two sons in Milwaukee, WI.

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